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Hey! I’m Ashley - introvert, feeler, wife to my high school sweetheart, mama to our 2 kids (plus, a puppy named Zeke), and known for cutting through the chit-chat. Stories have always driven me, so here's mine in a nutshell:

I met that high school sweetheart at 17 and while we were big-time atheists at college to become teachers, something shifted. A bachelor's degree and a short stint working in higher education later, I was married to that same guy, saved by Jesus, and about to have two kids under the age of two. I wanted to be at home to raise our family and the leap of faith gave me the space to think about what I really wanted to do. And you’re looking at it.

Well, sort of. Moved By You Videography is what was created six years ago to celebrate the weddings of incredible couples. But that dream has evolved into Next Adventure Films. I don't just love wedding stories, but the stories of marriage, parenting, and life in between.

Weddings are one small chapter and I want to capture all your chapters, big and small. How you met "your person,” how you found faith, or the path you had to take to finally become pregnant: those are the stories I love. Let’s get to it.


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homemade popcorn (preferably peanut butter!)

On weekend nights you will most likely find our family having fun snacks instead of meals. Our favorite is taste testing popcorn flavors. Our favorite is peanut butter but we also love honey butter, Italian, pepperoni pizza, and dark chocolate sea salt!


long walks

It might be cliche, but hands down my favorite thing to do is to go for walks at sunset. It makes for the best conversation and it's the time I feel most inspired and encouraged.


roadtrips and more roadtrips

My husband and I started road tripping for our 1st wedding anniversary where we drove through 13 states within 10 days. Since doubling the size of our family, we eat peanut butter sandwiches and travel the country with our little ones in the back. We've been to 34 states so far and plan on getting to all 50 before we turn 50!



During my off season you can find my curled up with a stack of books by my side. I crave reading every winter and there's nothing better than cuddling all day in my cozy socks, oversized sweaters, and some good books. I also LOVE reading to my kids!



After years of hating running, I found my stride in 2018 and eventually ended my year running a half-marathon. I've found that with the right playlist and my kids cheering for me on our front steps as I finish a run, it's so motivating and inspiring to me!



I genuinely love being married. I love to read about marriage, talk about marriage, study marriage. I love the person I'm married to and I honestly think it's one of the greatest gifts God's given us.


debt-free journey

I started the "Dave Ramsey" plan in June 2016 and have been a gazelle about my finances ever since! I LOVE our debt free journey. We became consumer debt free in July 2018 and are currently tackling our mortgage!


nice cream

Never head of it? It's frozen bananas blended up to taste like ice cream. I of course add chocolate and peanut butter and homemade whipped cream to mine but it's my absolute favorite thing.


bucket lists

I've got bucket lists for everything. Places I want to see, restaurants I want to try, movies I want to watch with my kids. There's just something about a list....


my kids

Being a mom is the BEST job I have. They are my why, my reason, my inspiration, my motivation, and my heart. They are incredible human beings and they are everything to me. 



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