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The benefits are endless for reading aloud to our kids. I’ve read for 115 days in a row with my son and I’m challenging YOU to join me for the next 100!

Why I’ve Read Aloud with my Son for 115 Days Straight and Won’t Stop

I absolutely adore these three parenting habits that Mark and I engage in EVERY SINGLE DAY! These have all made a huge difference in the family we are and the humans we are raising!

3 [Daily] Parenting Habits That Made All The Difference

Today is my 36th birthday! I’m a sucker for lists and making a good number themed list. These are *MY* truths, things that I have found helpful and impactful in *MY* life. Here 36 things make me feel a little more wise than when I was young’un!

36 Life Nuggets in 36 Years