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Let me introduce you to Elizabeth and Charles. I guarantee that after watching their wedding film, you will feel a sense of gentleness. A feeling of love, comfort, and hope. That’s how it feels to be around them. You’ll notice how they treat each other and the love and support as they are surrounded by […]

Elizabeth + Charles | Albany, NY Wedding Video

All it took for Abigail to notice Seth was a scroll through his Instagram page and looking at pictures of him in baseball pants. 🤣 Years ago, Abigail and Seth were paired up in their friend’s wedding to walk down the aisle together. And that’s what kicked it all off for them! Abigail tried to […]

Abigail + Seth | Hancock, NY Wedding

You know those people that you are so easily drawn to? People that make you feel lighter, more encouraged, and just better about life in general? That’s exactly how it feels to be around this bride and groom, Jackie and Thomas. I don’t think the father of the bride, maid of honor, best man, or […]

Jackie + Thomas | Franklin Plaza Wedding Video