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Adrienne + Phil | Central NY Wedding Video

In today’s blog post I’m bringing you another couple near and dear to my heart — Adrienne and Phil! These two wonderful people are part of what I call my “church family.” Anyone you actually do life with that also share the same values and beliefs as you pretty much become family members in my heart.

The most beautiful thing about Adrienne and Phil’s wedding was their focus on Christ. These two have both

Ceremony Views

dedicated their lives to God and intend on keeping Christ at the center of their marriage for the rest of their lives. When you keep God first and incorporate Him into your wedding ceremony, there is just something that FEELS different. You can feel the depth and the truth in a Christ-centered ceremony. Everything feels light, true, real, joyful. And that’s exactly how Adrienne and Phil’s wedding felt.

The Morrell Family

Adrienne got ready at one of our pastor’s house. It was such a fun morning with her getting ready with all of her closest friends and sister. Her friends did her hair and makeup and her sister was the reliable one to go get chicken nuggets for everyone to hold them over until dinner.

Phil got ready at their venue – the Cortland Repertory Theatre in Little York, a small little town in Central NY. The venue is gorgeous and overlooks Little York Lake – one of the smaller lakes that exist here in Upstate NY! They picked the most gorgeous September day to get married. The sun was shining, the leaves had started changing colors, there was a nice breeze, everything was just beautiful. There were so many wonderful detail and establishing shots to get to capture the awesome setting.

Before their ceremony they met together to pray. Their eyes were closed and they didn’t see each other but they held hands around a tree and prayed together. I felt like it was the perfect way to start their wedding

Selfie with the Bride

without doing a first look.

Their ceremony had everyone in tears. Phil’s reaction to her walking down the aisle was of course amazing. Their vows were personal, raw, authentic, insert any word that exudes goodness and depth and that’s what their vows were. THESE types of vows are hands down my SINGLE MOST FAVORITE THING ABOUT BEING A WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER. Promises hand-picked and crafted SPECIFICALLY for that couple is my absolute favorite thing to hear. And these vows were so real. So deep. So genuine. So personal. It was so hard to cut it down to where I got it in the video because I wanted to include SO MUCH MORE of those vows!! Enough of me talking about it, just watch it.

But before you get to watching it, a few more things to note. The photo and video time after the ceremony: amazing. Loved stomping around the grounds at Little York Park to find amazing light to have Adrienne and Phil canoodle in. I just wanted to keep going going going with the beautiful scenery and light but alas it was time to move onto the reception. There, we got to hear a fun, upbeat rap by Adrienne’s sister for her maid of honor speech and then Phil’s best man gave an amazing, emotional toast all about moments. I feel like these types of toasts belong in movies. How do people craft toasts so well? I loved it. You’ll love it. Grab your tissues and enjoy ALL THE GOOD VIBES!

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Videography: Moved By You Videography | Photography: JaimeBee Photography | Venue: Cortland Repertory Theatre, Central NY | DJ: DJ John | Florist: Arnold’s Florist | Hair: Emmy Monson | Makeup: Caylie Axtell | Cake: Three Lil’ Birds Cakery | Bridal Gown: Eternity Bridal | Groom’s Suit: Brooks and Brothers

Music licensed through Music Bed: “The Father’s Heart” by Tony Anderson and “Rest of Our Lives” by The Light the Heat MB010XFO9Z8WDF8





Adrienne + Phil | Central NY Wedding Video

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