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Beau David | Upstate NY Newborn Video

Ciera and Jeff got married on their 9 year dating anniversary back in 2020. Of course, weddings were absolutely turned upside down that year and they had to make alternate plans from the wedding they had originally planned. In fact, they had made so many different plans because once a plan was made, things changed and forced them to reconsider their options. Ultimately, they landed on Plan G for their wedding, and it actually turned out wonderfully! It was a highlight for my 2020 season and adore how their wedding video came out.

Now, a little over 2.5 years later, they’ve added a wonderful bundle of joy to their family. Beau came into the world 4 weeks early but is now thriving at home with Mom and Dad. I got to visit Ciera, Jeff, and Beau at their home and Beau was an absolute dream! He was actually awake most of the time, with curious eyes and lots of newborn baby sounds that had us all laughing.

Ciera and Jeff have an amazing story and just a month into this new parenting gig, they are doing amazing! There is so much love in this family! It was a joy to see and a true honor to capture their next adventure in life!





Beau David | Upstate NY Newborn Video

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