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Bella + Reid | Timber Banks Wedding Video

I cannot say enough good things about Bella and Reid. I LOVE capturing love stories and I’m head over heels over Bella and Reid’s unique start to their relationship. Not only that, but these two people are genuinely my favorite type of people. You can hear it all throughout their video with the toasts given at their reception, these are amazing people. They are generous, hard workers, kind, thoughtful, and family-oriented. I got to meet with Bella and Reid several months before their wedding and it was one of my favorite meetings I’ve ever had. We got dinner together at a pizza place and I was thrilled to learn what wonderful people they really are. It made me SO excited for their August wedding!

Their love story starts at a hair salon. Bella’s mom is a hairdresser and has her own salon. Reid’s mom started going to said salon and getting her hair done by none other than Bella’s mother. They started talking about their kids and eventually decided they wanted to try and fix them up for a date. Eventually, Bella and Reid both agreed to go on the date, at Francesca’s in Syracuse, and we all know how that ended. They fell in love and that brought us to their wedding day four years later.

It was fun to capture Bella, her mom, and Reid’s mom all getting ready at the salon where their story started. Bella got dressed in her childhood home and then headed to meet Reid at the church! After their ceremony we enjoyed lots of time at Timber Banks, their wedding reception venue taking photos and video around their property. They ended their night with a gorgeous sunset and dancing the night away.

Bella and Reid, I am honored that you chose me to capture your love story and your amazing wedding day. You are beautiful people inside and out and I am so lucky to have met you both. I can’t wait to follow your next adventure!





Bella + Reid | Timber Banks Wedding Video

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