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Documentary Edits | What Are They and How Do I Get One?

Today I’m happy to announce that I am officially offering DOCUMENTARY EDITS! As a CNY wedding videographer, this is something that I have wanted to offer for a vverrryyyyy long time and have finally made the leap, made one, and now am offering them!

What are they? Well, if you want a quick look, you can look at one right here:

A Documentary Edit is a video of your *ENTIRE* wedding day from beginning to end. You probably have heard of or understand what raw footage. If not, raw footage is every single video file from your entire day loaded onto a USB and organized into folders. You can go into a folder like, “Getting Ready Bride” and look at all the individual clips from that portion of the day. Raw footage is great and a LOT of my couples choose to purchase this, BUT, you do have to open each file individually to watch them. In a Doc Edit, I take every single video file from the entire day and organize it chronologically and format it into one, long video.

You’ll get to see every single video clip from getting ready, to reading your letters, to the ceremony, to the group photos, detail shots, introductions at the reception, toasts, dances, all the fun, open dancing and –EVERYTHING– in between. With a Documentary Edit, you open the file on your computer, phone, or TV and press play and VOILA, you get to relive your entire wedding day from beginning to end. Just sit back, relax, and be transported into a real, unfiltered look in your wedding day. Hear the conversations that people were having while you were getting ready, look at all the funny dance moves that didn’t make it into the highlight film, AND most importantly, if you didn’t already get your toasts, dances, or ceremony edited, then you WILL be able to get a full watch of those precious moments!

Stephanie is my first bride to ever get a Documentary Edit and this is what she said:

“It is soooo much easier and way better to watch your raw footage that way! It really makes you feel like you are back in that day reliving it.”

Stephanie Loke

In full transparency, these video files *will not* be PERFECT. That’s what your highlight film is for. In a Documentary Edit, you will hear me giving prompts, you will hear all the conversations and music happening in the background, you’ll see me adjusting my camera settings. But it’s a REAL, unfiltered look into your wedding day, from beginning to end. This is what it would feel like to jump into a time machine and relive your wedding day. I’m happy to start offering these starting TODAY! Previous couples can purchase them and future couples can add them onto ANY wedding package! Prices vary depending on which package you got.

How do you get one? Simply reach out to me! Email me or message me today about adding a Documentary Edit to your wedding package, either past or future!


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Documentary Edits | What Are They and How Do I Get One?

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