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Kacey + Brad | Syracuse, NY Wedding Video at SKY Armory

Kacey and Brad. High school sweethearts. Parents. Now husband and wife. I had the pleasure of meeting Kacey and Brad a year before their wedding when we did their engagement session in the middle of NOWHERE (where I most certainly got lost with no service) and I was instantly so excited to do their wedding. First of all, they were troopers to brave the snow and I got to meet their super cute daughter Raegan. Them being comfortable in the cold worked out well as the day of their wedding in Syracuse turned out to be in the sub-zero temperatures!

Kacey and Brad both got ready in Syracuse, just down the road from their venue, Sky Armory. After reading their personal vows to each other before the ceremony, they got married on the 1st floor of Sky Armoy, with a ceremony officiated by Brad’s dad. I liked how his dad recognized all the important family members for both Brad and Kacey. You can see how important their friends and family are to them. Also, Kacey walked down the aisle to a cover of “You’re Still the One,” done by Eddie Tom and I absolutely fell in love with it and may or may not have listened to it every day, sometimes multiple times a day since their wedding. I definitely have.

After the ceremony and some family pictures, Kacey, Brad, and their wedding party braved the sub-zero temperatures with wind chill (thank you Syracuse in January!) and headed out to the parking garage attached to Sky Armory and we ended up with some really beautiful stuff! I have to be honest, I was a little worried about my cameras. They were slowing down and the video on the screen was starting to get all blurry and laggy. I had no idea how it was all going to turn out! But thankfully we got back inside just in time and everything worked out great. Who knew that a rooftop parking garage would end up looking so cool?! Definitely check out Emily Brenchley’s photos of Kacey and Brad too! They look amazing!

Then they had their reception on the 3rd floor of Sky Armory. It was filled with delicious food, fantastic desserts, a fun photo booth, and the kind of dance party we’ve all needed for the last two years. I had a blast working with you Kacey and Brad and am so grateful that I got to be a part of your day! I’m excited to follow along to your next adventure, I know it’ll be great!






Kacey + Brad | Syracuse, NY Wedding Video at SKY Armory

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