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Kelsey + Josh | Binghamton, NY Wedding Video

Binghamton NY Wedding Video | Next Adventure Films, Central and Upstate NY Wedding Videographer I have waited a LONG time for this wedding and there is no way that I could have ended my 2022 wedding season any better. I have known Kelsey and Josh for a little over 3 years, when I did both of the bride’s brothers weddings in 2019. Those were also 2 amazing weddings that you should check out here and here.

Kelsey and Josh were both in those weddings and I quickly learned that they had a fun, hilarious, and kind relationship. I have loved Kelsey’s family ever since I met them back in 2019. They are so nice, encouraging, and welcoming. If ANY of my couples have EVER felt like family, it’s this family. So when Kelsey posted on Instagram last November that she couldn’t wait for me to capture their next adventure, I was ecstatic!

I loved their wedding. It never felt like work to me. It felt like I was just hanging out with friends. The bride and groom decided to get married at The Holiday Inn in Downtown Binghamton. Both Kelsey and Josh got ready at the hotel there. It turned out to be the most ideal November day. It was sunny and relatively warm so Mark had a lot of fun capturing Josh and his groomsmen playing football outside before the wedding ceremony.

Both shared sweet letters to each other before their ceremony when things really got both funny and emotional. As you can see in the video, Josh’s opening line when it was his turn to recite his vows was “So I didn’t write my vows.” When you hear that, it could go any way from there. It could be a messy disaster. Or it could be real, genuine, and from the heart. And while you can probably guess which way it went for Josh, you’ll just have to watch the video to confirm it.

I laughed so hard throughout their wedding day but also teared up multiple times. They got a GORGEOUS sunset along the riverwalk in Binghamton and I was giddy to capture some of that beautiful golden light. Onto the reception, they had some great speeches, shared a first dance to “Is That Alright” by Lady Gaga that I have since had on repeat ad been belting out whenever I can. And of course the bride and groom and their guests MADE SOME MEMORIES by tearing up the dance floor and partying hard.

It was fun, hilarious, romantic, sweet, and joyous. It’s everything I want in filming a wedding and I am SO honored that I got to film ALL THREE sibling’s weddings for this family. Thank you for going out with a bang and including in me in so many special family moments!





Kelsey + Josh | Binghamton, NY Wedding Video

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