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Lisa + Kyle | Rochester, NY Wedding Video

I loved *everything* about this luxurious Rochester, NY wedding held at the Wintergarden. Everything. The couple. The ceremony. The personal vows. The lighting. The toasts. The decor. Her dress. Their kindness. The food. The desserts. The music. Everything. If your wedding is anything like this, count me in!

I first met Lisa and Kyle outside the very building that THEY first met in, which was a dorm on the campus of Le Moyne College. We got to meet up for a story session and we picked the college campus because it was a meaningful location for them. It was then that I learned what a kind, fun, and loving couple they were. After we did some filming of them frolicking around the stomping grounds where their love story started, we got lunch on campus too. And for anyone wondering about the quality level of food at Le Moyne because you’re considering going there, it was fantastic. I would have never expected I was eating college-quality food. Yum! Anyway, I loved my time with them that afternoon over the summer and was so excited to capture their wedding day in September.

The day started at the home that Lisa grew up in. There, she got ready with her friends, sisters-in-law, and parents. I immediately fell in love with Lisa’s parents and the relationship that they had with her. You could tell they had a special bond and I particularly loved what Lisa’s dad said when we saw her in her dress for the first time. For that, you’ll have to watch the video.

Then onto the Wintergarden in Rochester for the first look. When I first got to the venue and walked in my jaw dropped. I was amazed at the gorgeous decorations and table settings. And the LIGHT! THE LIGHT! I don’t know if I’ve ever had a better lit ceremony space in my entire life. They had their first look right in the very spot where they would later recite their vows to each other.

After some time spent around the city taking photos and video, we headed back to The Wintergarden for their 5pm wedding ceremony. There we heard a wonderful, personal ceremony that really represented Lisa and Kyle so well. I loved hearing their vows. I particularly loved the part where Lisa talks about loving in both the big and small moments. Since their wedding I’ve thought about that a lot and it’s inspired me to love my own husband better in the small moments.

The rest of the night flew by in a blur between a delicious cocktail hour, funny and touching toasts, fun details like a cigar bar, doggy biscuit bar, and a wonderful dance party.

Lisa and Kyle, you’re one of a kind! It was an honor to capture your wedding day. It was as beautiful as your love is together. You’re going to have the BEST next adventure together!





Lisa + Kyle | Rochester, NY Wedding Video

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