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36 Life Nuggets in 36 Years

Today is my 36th birthday! I’m a sucker for lists and making a good number themed list. I tend to create some kind of list every year on my birthday that matches the number of my age. This year it’s going to be 36 Life Nuggets! I thought about calling them Lessons, or Wisdom Nuggets, or Pieces of Advice, or Truths…but who knows if any of this will resonate with you. These are *MY* truths. These are things that I have found helpful and impactful in *MY* life. These 36 things make me feel a little more wise than when I was young’un. Take ’em or leave ’em!

  1. You can change your mind.
  2. A parent is in charge, not the child.
  3. When having a conversation, it’s okay to talk about you, but make sure you ask the other person questions, too!
  4. Find great stories and get lost in them!
  5. Move a little bit each day.
  6. People don’t care about what you hate.
  7. It’s okay, great even, to be weird!
  8. Vegetables are actually delicious if you know how to prepare them.
  9. Be slow to anger.
  10. Find people who care about and know your story. And learn their story too.
  11. There are things far more important to teach your kids than how to get good grades or succeed in multiple extracurricular activities. Things like kindness, compassion, empathy, friendship, and love.
  12. When you need a good friend, be one.
  13. Drink more [ice] water.
  14. Follow the dreams that keep you up at night.
  15. Read the ingredients of the food you eat.
  16. Fashion is constantly changing everything will just loop back around. Don’t fret too much, just take care of your stuff and eventually it’ll be back in style again. And sometimes wear the things not in style. You’ll be fine.
  17. A person’s story is their story. No one can take that from them.
  18. I think what a lot of people think are coincidences are actually moments of God working.
  19. Working the Financial Peace University plan was 100% worth it.
  20. Make memories! Do something out of the ordinary if only to make a memory!
  21. Tithing will change SOMETHING.
  22. Make your own popcorn.
  23. Dance like no one’s watching. Or dance reservedly, but just dance!
  24. Your spouse is your PARTNER – treat them like it.
  25. Investing in a wedding video is more important than you think it is.
  26. Take regular breaks from social media. Unplug consistently.
  27. Get outside.
  28. Give yourself white space on your calendar. Prioritize rest. Let your mind wander. Give yourself time to think.
  29. Use the library.
  30. When you think something positive about someone, TELL THEM!
  31. Whenever possible, avoid plastic.
  32. Read aloud to your kids. Read a book with your spouse. Do a book club with a friend.
  33. Show up as you are and don’t apologize for it.
  34. Get cozy.
  35. Share what’s important to you, even if your voice shakes.
  36. Keep learning, growing, and dreaming. But don’t forget to appreciate where you are right now.

As a birthday present to me, let me know which ones (if any!) resonate with you! I genuinely love to hear what you think!


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36 Life Nuggets in 36 Years

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