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Abigail + Seth | Hancock, NY Wedding

All it took for Abigail to notice Seth was a scroll through his Instagram page and looking at pictures of him in baseball pants. 🤣

Years ago, Abigail and Seth were paired up in their friend’s wedding to walk down the aisle together. And that’s what kicked it all off for them! Abigail tried to friend zone him shortly afterwards, but instead they fell madly in love with each other! Which brought us this day, the day when Abigail was the bride and she walked down the aisle to her now groom, Seth.

Their October wedding day was one of the rainiest, muddiest wedding days I’ve ever had! But what I loved about Abigail and Seth is that it literally never brought them down. They were just so happy to be getting married! Abigail kept a positive attitude the entire day, even the cold didn’t get to her too bad. She was a beaming, lovely bride all day!

THANKFULLY, we did get a wonderful sunset on and we were able to go up to the top of the hill of the golf course in which they were getting married and get some wonderful photos and videos up there. The view was great, the bride and groom were so happy and in love, and the golden hour was on point! These two just love each other and love God. They complement each other so well and I know their lives together will be filled with amazing journeys, laughter, and lots of faith.





Abigail + Seth | Hancock, NY Wedding

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