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Jackie + Thomas | Franklin Plaza Wedding Video

You know those people that you are so easily drawn to? People that make you feel lighter, more encouraged, and just better about life in general? That’s exactly how it feels to be around this bride and groom, Jackie and Thomas.

I don’t think the father of the bride, maid of honor, best man, or priest got together to share notes, but all of them had very similar things to say about this amazing couple. Jackie and Tom have a love that is just contagious. Individually, they love and care for the people around them fiercely. And together, their love is what her father describes as magical. I have to say that I agree!

Jackie and Thomas met several years ago while they were both working at a basketball camp in the Albany area. They were both counselor and bonded over a mutual love of basketball early on. As you can hear in the amazing speeches in the video, at the time, Jackie had plans of moving to Colorado just a couple of months after she started talking with Tom. Ultimately, she changed her plans and decided to stay in New York because she knew Tom was something special. Her intuition was right! Years later, that basketball player at the camp eventually became her groom!

Some of my favorite parts of this wedding: the people, the first look at Siena College, the sweet, personalized message from the priest at their ceremony, the SPEECHES at their reception at Franklin Plaza, and the dance party! I genuinely had a wonderful time on this wedding day and spending time with the bride and groom and all their friends and family. This is a dream couple and I know they have amazing things in their future! I can’t wait to follow along!





Jackie + Thomas | Franklin Plaza Wedding Video

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