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All The Feels | Belhurst Castle Wedding | Central NY Wedding Videography

Before you press play on this wedding video, you better grab some tissues! This wedding was full of emotion, tears, laughter, and ALL. THE. FEELS. I’ve never been so immersed in the STORY as I have with this couple. Not only did the bride and groom write letters to each other, but the bride also received letters and/or gifts from her mother, father, and step-father. The groom received a letter and gift from his future in-laws. They had such a sweet, romantic, personal ceremony where they shared their own vows. And then the TOASTS! Gah, the toasts! The bride’s mother spoke, as well as the groom’s two brothers and the bride’s best friend and cousin. Through each of these letters, toasts, and vows, you can really tell how important friends and family are to Jessica and Kiefer. And it won’t take long to realize how perfect these two are for each other. This one is a love story for the ages.

Jessica and Kiefer love NY. They’re from Binghamton but often travel up to the Adirondacks where they regularly hike and aspire to become 46ers – people who have hiked all the high peaks in the Adirondacks. It was on top of one of these peaks that Kiefer got down on one knee and proposed to Jessica. And on January 2, 2021, they traded in their hiking boots for a beautiful and romantic wedding at Belhurst Castle, in Geneva, NY.

I was very excited for this wedding. I had gotten to speak to Jessica on the phone before their wedding and I had followed Kiefer on instagram for a while. I even enjoyed watching his weekly Friday videos of shotgunning White Claws during quarantine! Needless to say, they seemed like a fun couple and was

Selfie with Jessica and Kiefer!

excited to meet them in person.

And then as the day continued to unfold I thought to myself, “Oh my goodness, I’ve hit the jackpot.” The jackpot for amazing wedding videography couples, anyway! I LOVED hearing their stories and seeing the

connections between them and their families. While the wedding day is also so focused on the bride and groom, I also loved seeing the relationship between Jess and her parents. And how important Kiefer’s mom is to him. And how much Kiefer means to his brothers. It really was an amazing display of a family full of love and joy.

Jessica and Kiefer thank you so much for allowing me to capture your special day. I truly feel honored. You’ve inspired me to love even better AND to start climbing some high peaks!






All The Feels | Belhurst Castle Wedding | Central NY Wedding Videography

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