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Brianna + Neil | Binghamton, NY Wedding

Where do I even start with Brianna and Neil? This wedding was super special to me. First of all, I feel like I’ve seen Brianna at HALF of all my weddings that I’ve done in the last two years as either a guest, the hair stylist, or both. She does a stellar job with all the brides who choose her to do their hair which is of course the reason I see her at so many weddings working along side her. I saw Brianna at Kacee’s weddingback in April where she gave Kacee 3 different hairstyles throughout the day! On that day I asked her when she thought it was going to be her turn to be the bride. She coyly shrugged and looked at Neil. Neil saved face and didn’t out any information. Turns out, a couple of months later, Neil popped the question, so the next time I saw Bree in October for Kalli’s wedding, she had a new, beautiful ring on her finger (and incidentally caught for the video as the styled Kalli’s hair!).
Funnily enough, the first time I ever talked to Bree was when she was booking me for her sister Mikala‘s December 2017 wedding. So I had a big smile on my face when Mikala contacted me this past summer to book me for BREE’S wedding! At that point I had already said that I wasn’t going to book anymore 2018 weddings and that my schedule was full but when I heard it was Bree and Neil, I instantly knew that I had to take on their wedding. I didn’t even think twice. So to say that I was looking forward to this wedding is an understatement. I love Bree and Mikala’s family and friends so I knew I was going to have a blast “working” this wedding. I use quotations because when I’m around this group it barely feels like I’m working, they are so fun.
And I was right! This wedding was amazing. From the moment I walked into Bree’s parents house where the girls were getting ready until I left them all dancing the night away on the dance floor, I was smiling and excited to be there. I absolutely love Bree’s parents house. The natural light is amazing and it’s a place that just instantly feels like home. And even though I’ve known Bree for a little over a year now, it was the first time I really got to sit down and hear her story with Neil. I loved hearing the letters they wrote to each other and what they each had to say about the other.
Bree and Neil chose to do a first look in downtown Binghamton. As I was editing the video, I realized that the look on each of their faces as they first saw each other is probably my favorite part of the entire day. Like Neil said in his letter, his day starts and ends with Bree and they were so clearly excited to finally be together for the day after spending the morning apart. Bree and Neil and their wedding party bore through the cold and wet weather for some pictures before we headed over to Roberson Museum for their ceremony and reception!
The rest of the day went off without a hitch. Their ceremony was short and sweet. Their dinner stations were fun and delicious. The details throughout the reception were gorgeous. And the speeches. THE SPEECHES. A+ speeches all around! I was especially laughing so hard I was crying during Mikala’s speech, I almost forgot I was filming the entire thing. But I won’t spoil it for you, just watch the video instead!
And finally, I was overjoyed to see SIX past and future Moved By You couples at this wedding! SIX!! I managed to snag a photo with five of the couples before I left for the night. I am so so grateful for all these people and witnessing their stories. And thank YOU BREE because I know you’ve been an instrumental part in all this. Love all you Binghamton lovelies <3





Brianna + Neil | Binghamton, NY Wedding

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