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Jessica + Eric | Saratoga Springs, NY Wedding

Ever been to a wedding on a Monday? at 7pm? I have! I am so incredibly honored and grateful I got to play a small role in this epic New Year’s Eve wedding to end my 2018 wedding season!
Jessie is the cousin of TWO previous brides of mine, Maegan and Stephanie. And if any of you follow me, you know that I LOVE to work within families and friends. It just makes the Moved By You family all the closer and tight-knit!
My husband and I traveled out to Saratoga Springs on the day of New Year’s Eve and met Jessie and Eric in their separate hotel rooms at the Courtyard Marriott. I got to spend some time with Jessie while she got ready with her girls and Mark hung out with the guys. I loved that Jessie had kept her dress a secret from almost EVERYONE. All of her bridesmaids other than her maid or honor had never seen her dress and the anticipation for all them to see it was building as the minutes ticked closer to dressing time. The girls certainly had an awesome reaction to the dress reveal!
Shortly after we headed over to Congress Park where Jessie and Eric had their first look. We were able to get in just a *few* shots for video and photo before it started raining. Jessie and Eric got to spend some time with their dog, Reggie, at this point too. As you can see throughout the video, Reggie was an important part of this day. A few weeks prior to their wedding, Reggie was diagnosed with terminal cancer. They didn’t know if Reggie would make it to the wedding. But he was there! Reggie got an awesome photo op with his mom and dad and I’m happy to report that Reggie has outlived his original prognosis! It was super special to Jessie and Eric to have him part of their wedding day and their video!
Now let’s go to the ceremony. I have NEVER laughed as much as I did during this ceremony. Jessie was SO in the moment, SO overjoyed to be marrying the love of her life, she had all her guests and vendors laughing. This ceremony was so real, authentic, and touching in so many ways, I seriously loved it SO much.
And that’s how the rest of the night went. This couple was so fun and real with each other, everyone had a great time. The energy of the whole night was high and contagious. Even for me as the old mom who usually doesn’t stay up much past 10/10:30, this group’s energy had me going strong through midnight. They shared a celebratory kiss at midnight and many guests braved the rain for a sparkler exit to end the night.
There wasn’t a better way to end my 2018 season and even outside of my business, I truly had a fun day just as me, Ashley. I was genuinely happy to be there and loved putting this video together. Make sure you watch it in HD!







Jessica + Eric | Saratoga Springs, NY Wedding

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