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Brittany + Philip | Syracuse, NY Wedding Video at Marriott Syracuse Downtown

Where do I ever begin with how much I love Brittany & Philip? Here are some things they have going for them:

  • They are high school sweethearts.
  • Their love story started over 10 years ago.
  • They are so naturally comfortable, genuine, and real with each other.
  • I truly love being around them.

I met with Brittany over a year ago when she was first considering videography for her wedding. I remember going home and telling my husband that SHE is the kind of bride I love working with. I felt inspired, excited, and really excited about the prospect of doing her wedding. Thankfully, she booked and then I got to meet both her and Phil just a few weeks before the wedding. I could have stayed at that little Dunkin’ Donuts in Whitney Point all night just chatting with them; they already felt like friends.

Now onto the day of the wedding! I loved the entire day. I particularly loved the time in the gym with Phil and his guys. First of all, the lighting in the room was amazing and then Phil suggested benching dumbbells. “11 reps for 11 years babe!” It was super fun and such a unique thing to add to the video. I LOVE when we can get creative together and come up with something I’ve never done before.

I loved all the small moments throughout the day too: their letters to each other, the personalized vows, and even the cardboard cutouts of their two golden doodles that they had prominently placed at the front of the ceremony space. And even though I was worried we weren’t going to have enough time to get some awesome shots of just Brittany and Phil together, all my praying paid off as we had tons of time and I felt like I got way more and much better material than I normally do! Everything just worked out wonderfully. They are an amazing couple, with wonderful friends and family to support them and I was honored to be able to capture their day! AND NOW, I can’t wait to see them again at Phil’s brother’s wedding in September!

Enjoy their video in HD!







Brittany + Philip | Syracuse, NY Wedding Video at Marriott Syracuse Downtown

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