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Now that I’ve filmed over 100 weddings and attended dozens more as a guest (oh and let’s not forget that I planned my own wedding once upon a time), I feel like it’s safe to say that I’m an expert at weddings. I’ve seen all sides of the wedding. From bride, to maid of honor, […]

Wedding Tip Wednesdays | Upstate NY Weddings

I’ve filmed and edited 98 weddings in or near the upstate NY area. I live and breathe weddings. I go behind the scenes at weddings ALL. THE. TIME. When I got married I had only ever been in 2 weddings before. One was exactly 2 months before my own wedding and the other one when […]

6 Wedding Day Tips | Upstate NY Wedding Videographer

    Feeling stuck on what to ask your wedding videographer (or any wedding vendor for that matter) beyond, “how much do you charge?” and “are you available for our date?” Traditional wedding planning books and websites suggest questions like “what kind of equipment do you use?” and “what’s your style?” But do those questions […]

5 Things to Ask Your Wedding Videographer | CNY Wedding Videography