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5 Things to Ask Your Wedding Videographer | CNY Wedding Videography



Feeling stuck on what to ask your wedding videographer (or any wedding vendor for that matter) beyond, “how much do you charge?” and “are you available for our date?” Traditional wedding planning books and websites suggest questions like “what kind of equipment do you use?” and “what’s your style?” But do those questions really help you decide who the best fit is for you on your wedding day? Does it matter if your videographer uses Canon or Nikon or Sony? Maybe, if you’re really into gear. But if you’ve watched your potential videographers wedding films and you like them, then you already understand their style and the cameras they use really don’t matter. Here are some questions to ask them once you’ve found someone whose videos you know you already enjoy.

1. Why should I hire a wedding videographer?

Your wedding videographer should realize the importance and weight a wedding film holds for you and your family. They should know the value it offers beyond their photos. Hopefully, that’s something they really believe in and are passionate about. This question can also help you find out the person’s heart behind their business – WHY are they doing this?

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2What is it like to work with you on the wedding day?

This question tells you a lot more than “what is your style?” will. Do they take charge? Do they

stay back and let things unfold naturally? Are they a fly on the wall or are they in the action with you? Do they like to have fun and joke around with your bridal party or are they strictly professional and focus on their job the whole time? There’s no right or wrong answer to this – but their answer will probably tell you a lot based on what your personality type is.

3. How do you work with the photographer on the wedding day?

The videographer AND photographer have to be able to work well together. Both of them have to understand the importance and value of the other person’s job and need to be willing to share the space. The last thing you want is a videographer (or a photographer!!) who takes over and doesn’t play as a team. This would be a really great question to ask your photographer as well!

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4.  Do you legally license your music?

Don’t find yourself caught up with a videographer who cuts corners and doesn’t license their music. Yes, this means that your favorite Ed Sheeran song cannot be used, but do you really want a wedding film that’s technically illegal? Make sure your person is on the up and up.

5. What makes YOU different from other videographers?

The wedding videography industry is rapidly growing and chances are there are a handful of really great choices in your area. Don’t be afraid to ask them what’s makes them different? Why should you hire them instead of someone else? These answers will probably be the best indicator for you on who will be the best fit for your wedding.

These questions really help you get to figure out more about the person behind the camera. It matters more what your videographer’s personality will be like on the wedding day rather than which lens they are using in which situation. Let the filmmakers be the professionals when it comes to what their gear is. Get to know them as a person and find out if this is someone you actually want to hang out with all day on your wedding day – because guess what –  you see them more than you’ll see your bride or groom that day!

Your wedding film is going to hold some of your most cherished memories that will last many generations to come. Make sure you’re choosing the right person that fits with your personality and needs for your wedding day. Ask these questions to help you find them!

Do you have another question that might be really helpful to ask your potential wedding videographer or other vendor? Leave it in the comments below!

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5 Things to Ask Your Wedding Videographer | CNY Wedding Videography

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