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Wedding Tip Wednesdays | Upstate NY Weddings

Now that I’ve filmed over 100 weddings and attended dozens more as a guest (oh and let’s not forget that I planned my own wedding once upon a time), I feel like it’s safe to say that I’m an expert at weddings. I’ve seen all sides of the wedding. From bride, to maid of honor, to vendor, to guest, to even parent of the ring bearer and flower girl (and why not, we might as well add in wife of the best man!), I’ve got to peek in at weddings from ALL angles, particularly upstate NY weddings! I can also unashamedly admit to you that on more than one occasion, I have popped my head in at a wedding that I had absolutely nothing to do with. You know…those days that you’re just out having a day date, walking around at parks or college campuses, or driving around town and you see a wedding happening. Wait, not EVERYONE stops what they’re doing immediately and SLOOOWWWW down or take a detour just to take a peek at the exciting nuptials? That can’t be just me, can it?! Needless to say, I LOVE WEDDINGS!

Because of my love of weddings and plethora of knowledge about weddings, I’m bringing you a weekly video series: WEDDING TIP WEDNESDAYS! Every Wednesday, I will be releasing a short and sweet video on my YouTube channel with some advice to help you in your wedding planning and make your wedding day everything you hoped it would be. Your engagement is such a short period of time in your life (even if some of y’all like to stretch it out a bit!) that I want you to ENJOY this process. There are so many decisions to be made and wedding planning is notorious for being a stressful time in your life. Between staying true to your wishes, pleasing others close to you, disagreeing with your partner on how things go (or they give you no opinion at all) and not to even mention the MONEY, wedding planning can certainly be a high-stress time. I’m not making this sound very fun am I?

Well fear not! I’m here to make the process a little smoother for you. I like to say that my advice is pretty realistic and not the type of advice you may find in a fancy schmancy bridal magazine. I’m very down to earth and a realistic person. I love sticking to a budget like a dog loves their alpha and I’ve been to all sorts of weddings: big fancy, luxury weddings, and DIY, rustic, let’s sit on a hay bale weddings. I’ve seen them all. I’m pretty in tune with what stresses people out what triggers to watch out for. My advice is pretty universal and not JUST relevant to those planning pinterest-perfect weddings. So slow down, take a breath, crack open a White Claw (or you know..your drink of choice) and settle in for my weekly wedding tips to help you ENJOY this season of life. Find joy in the process and forget the rest. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you never miss a wedding tip! (and you know, it helps me too. Just knowing that you’re watching them, enjoying them, finding them the least bit helpful…it’s encouraging to say the least!) THANK YOU!

Here’s the first THREE that I’ve posted, but keep checking back, new videos posted every Wednesday morning!

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Wedding Tip Wednesdays | Upstate NY Weddings

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