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Catie + Chandler | Syracuse, NY Wedding Video, Great Peek Wedding Video

Chandler was a minor league baseball pitcher in Ohio where Catie happened to be the Director of Marketing and Promotions. The first time they ever spoke, Catie asked Chandler if she could change his walkout song to the Friends theme song, referencing the character in the TV show. He said yes and they hit it off from there!

Catie is originally from the Syracuse NY area and Chandler is from Florida. They met in Ohio and have since lived in several different parts of the country. They ended up deciding to have their wedding in Syracuse and their wedding reception just a bit south in Cortland at Greak Peek. I’ve always said that the second weekend in October has the best fall foliage. It was pretty interesting this year because up in Syracuse there was still a lot of green left on the trees. We took photos outside of their church right after the ceremony. Then we headed down to Greak Peek for the remainder of the photos and video and you could see a clear difference. There was SO much more color as you traveled south! Down in Cortland there were oranges and yellows and reds everywhere!

The photo and video session with Catie and Chandler was AMAZING. Seriously, they are so cute together. You can see it in MULTIPLE clips in this video how much she loves him. From the way that she gets excited saying “husband” in her vows, to the laughs, the giggles, and the cuddles that she gives him

Syracuse Wedding Videographer

throughout the day, it’s so clear that these two have a really special connection together!

Now even though it was the Friends theme song that was the basis of their first conversation, there are also some references to ANOTHER sitcom throughout this video, which is ACTUALLY Catie and Chandler’s favorite show. Can anyone else pick up on them?!

I also loved seeing the alternative entertainment that they were able to provide for their guests since dancing was not allowed. (Thanks a lot COVID.) They made the best of the situation and with help from their DJ, Salt City Sound Machine, they had lots of laughter with The Newlywed Game, Family Fued, and Musical Bingo. It really turned out to be a fun and laughter-filled reception. Congratulations Catie & Chandler, it was so fun hanging out with you on the epic date, 10.10.2020! Keep watching HIMYM ๐Ÿ™‚



2 minute trailer:

Full length highlight video:





Catie + Chandler | Syracuse, NY Wedding Video, Great Peek Wedding Video

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