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Ciera + Jeffery | Upstate NY Wedding Video, The Apple Shed

Ciera and Jeffery’s story started in upstate NY at their high school’s pool when Ciera injured herself on the diving board. Exactly 9 years after that diving board injury, they got married at The Apple Shed in Newark, NY. It doesn’t take much time to realize that Ciera and Jeff have a really special kind of relationship. They aren’t like every other couple. For one, there is a rich, deep history in their story. There’s the fact that they met so young and they got to grow up together. And there’s also the fact that they have had to deal with some really tough, painful days in the 9 years they’ve been together, such as Ciera losing both her father and grandfather. Then you add in planning a wedding in the middle of a global pandemic and you’ve got yourself a story about a couple who’s learned to overcome a lot of things and only gotten stronger because of it.

I first met this couple at a Panera in Auburn and I remember leaving that meeting thinking, “THESE are the type of couples I want to work with!” I instantly fell in love with them and their story. I felt like they were a perfect match as a Moved By You couple! I had been looking forward to their wedding day ever since we first met. And then. The global pandemic. Ciera, Jeff and I went back and forth a few times with some of the options they came up with for back-ups. They had a couple of different ideas as it seemed like Plan A wasn’t going to be able to happen as they hoped. They went through plan B, plan C, and eventually settled on Plan G, which is fitting for them, as they are now Mr. and Mrs. Garrett. I loved what their officiant said: “This wedding was going to happen no matter what.” And I’m so glad it did. Our time at The Apple Shed was dreamy, romantic, fun, and a PERFECT Plan G for this couple on their wedding day!

Plan G for their wedding day ended up looking a little like this: an intimate ceremony at The Apple Shed, a cute little apple orchard with a picturesque ceremony overlooking a pond with the sun setting behind them. Their ceremony was beautiful, with personal touches and the most amazing vows that Jeff and Ciera wrote for each other. Afterwards, we got to wander the property a little and take the most gorgeous photos and video. Our portrait session ended just as the sun was setting and I was in videographer HEAVEN with that perfect September golden light! Nights like that are why I LOVE living in Upstate NY!

Just as the sun set, they had a small reception in the pavilion at The Apple Shed with sweet speeches that continued to illustrate just how beautiful the love this couple shares is. The night ended with donut flights that I personally enjoyed a ton! Thank you Jeff and Ciera for choosing me for your wedding videography – it was an honor and I absolutely loved every second of it!






Ciera + Jeffery | Upstate NY Wedding Video, The Apple Shed

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