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Caylie + Tommy | Oak & Lace Wedding Video

Now THESE are the wedding films I live for! I’ve known Caylie for a few years now. I first had a conversation with her in the parking lot at wedding of a mutual friend and church member. We’ve gone to the same church for a few years now and last year, at her brother’s Ben wedding (, I really started to notice that Caylie and Tommy seemed to be the real deal. Well, they sure were because in the fall of 2021 they were engaged and had their big beautiful wedding at Oak and Lace in Maine, NY in May 2022.

There are some really special, emotional moments in this wedding film. Caylie’s father passed away ten years ago, but that didn’t stop him from being part of her wedding day. Caylie’s sister-in-law sent me audio clips of sermons that Caylie’s dad had given over a decade ago and I was able to incorporate them throughout the film. I particularly loved how her Dad talked about love being patient and kind and Caylie included that in her words to Tommy in the ceremony.

I loved everything about the whole wedding day for Caylie and Tommy. Okay, so maybe I didn’t *LOVE* the torrential downpour that was happening in the middle of their vows, but I was happy that we were covered at that my numerous audio sources rocked it and I was able to still pick up their precious vows to each other. But everything else, I loved. I loved the farm house where Caylie and her girls could get ready for the day. I loved the first touch between the bride and groom. I loved that Caylie did a first look with her three brothers. I loved the meaningful and emotional words that Caylie’s mom spoke during the ceremony that DEFINITELY made me cry. Tommy’s reaction, the vows, THE TOP OF THE HILL with the most amazing photographer, Joshua Scott with Captivate Photography. Seriously, I could do that all day. THEN the emotional dance Caylie shared with her brothers, the wonderful toasts, the delicious meal, the fun dancing. All of it! And throughout the whole thing, you could see and FEEL God’s presence. This couple is saved and devoted to Christ and I’m just telling you, you could FEEL it. A Christ-centered wedding just FEELS different. Now enough of me spoiling all the good parts of the video with my words and just go watch it and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about!





Caylie + Tommy | Oak & Lace Wedding Video

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