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Bethany + Tyler | Binghamton, NY Wedding

I have nothing but good things to say about Bethany and Tyler. Normally in my work, I work with a couple about a year to a year and a half as they plan their wedding. But with Bethany and Tyler, I got to work with them for over THREE years! They originally booked me for their May 2, 2020 wedding in March of 2019. And then we all know what happened in 2020. Bethany and Tyler still got married on the day they had originally planned and I got to be there to film the ceremony for them. Then, they planned to have their party on May 1, 2021. Well…things were still kind of rough then, so then their party got pushed to May 7, 2022. And now, IT FINALLY HAPPENED!! I’m so happy this couple finally got to celebrate with their friends and family like they always wanted to! During their second ceremony, the priest asked if May 2, 2020 was the real deal or if May 7, 2022 was, and Bethany said, “they’re both the real deal!” And I really liked that because, yes, when they legally got married in 2020, that was for sure the real deal! But that doesn’t take away from their recommitment to each other in front of friends and family in 2022. There’s something special to do that in front of all your people in your life. So here we have two wedding days combined into one video…because it’s all the real deal!

Bethany got ready with her girls in a suite at Traditions at the Glen while Tyler got ready at his parents house. They had their ceremony (both of them!) at St. Patrick’s church. And I definitely love that Tyler cried/had a chin quiver BOTH times Bethany walked down the aisle! We took pictures with Heather Esposito and did video at Confluence Park in Binghamton and then finished up at Traditions where they had their big reception. A little detail that I loved about their reception is that they chose important songs to them and used those names for their table names. And each table had a little story about how that song was meaningful to them. I thought that was really cute. And of course I love that Bethany unashamedly loves Taylor Swift just as I do and we got to enjoy some of her songs at the reception!

Bethany and Tyler, it’s been a pleasure working with you for 3 years! I’m excited to follow in your next adventure and see where this journey takes you! Congratulations Dr. and Mr. Marbaker!





Bethany + Tyler | Binghamton, NY Wedding

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