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Jen + Matt | Syracuse, NY Wedding Video — Wolf Oak Acres

Jen and Matt met many years ago at a karate school that they both took classes at. As you discover in their wedding video, Matt was at the karate school since he was a kid. Karate was a big passion for him. They had plans for Matt to become an instructor someday. But when Matt and Jen met at the school and a relationship started forming, there was some trouble for them. Matt was forced to choose between karate and his relationship with Jen. Well, you’re about to watch their wedding video, so I think you know what his decision was.

I got to meet Jen at a cafe in Tully as we talked about their wedding plans. We got a late lunch or early dinner (what was that Jen?! Wasn’t it like 2pm?!) and I got to hear all about her story with Matt. Somewhere along the conversation she asked me, “Have you ever heard of Dave Ramsey?” My jaw dropped and I stared at her silently – because anyone who knows me know that I KNOW DAVE RAMSEY. We’ve been following his financial plan for 4 years and often try to encourage (and fail) others to win with money. It turns out that Jen and Matt were also on the Dave Ramsey plan. I feel like from that exact moment our connection was strengthened and we knew for sure I had to go do this wedding video for them at Wolf Oak Acres!

Jen and Matt were supposed to get married in May of 2020 but due to COVID, they were forced to push their wedding cerebration back. They still got married in their backyard in May but we were happy all to gather at Wolf Oak Acres in Oneida, NY for their bigger wedding reception. Jen got ready upstairs in the venue while Matt got ready in one of the small cabins towards the back of the property. They had their ceremony “creekside” on the Wolf Oak Acres property and we found so many dreamy gems to get video of them after the ceremony. It was even Matt who suggested that they take their shoes off and hop in the creek for a few shots. Right there I felt like I won the videography jackpot!

My favorite parts of this wedding include: Matt’s tears while he read his letter from Jen, as she walked down the aisle, and just his tears in general. Splashing around in the creek. That was a first on a wedding day! Hearing about the strong and amazing friendships that these two have with their wedding toasts from their best man (ALSO another videographer, Landry Productions!!) and maid of honor. The ice cream trailer from Tail and Toppings. Golden hour time! Always golden hour. Enjoy this sweet, fun, wedding video for Jen and Matt. I had a blast you guys!






Jen + Matt | Syracuse, NY Wedding Video — Wolf Oak Acres

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