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Kaitlyn + Dan | Upstate NY Wedding Video at Highland Forest

I’ve heard a lot of wedding vows as a wedding videographer. I love them. Hearing people promise to spend their lives with the person standing next to them is one of my favorite things in my entire life. And every once in a while, a vow sticks out to me beyond all the others. A vow that is a little extra special. A vow that gets me right in my chest. A vow that adds to the continue molding and shaping of my view of marriage and commitment. And Kaitlyn said one of those vows.

“I promise to…be unapologetically ourselves…”

That’s it. Right there. I LOVE THAT.

I met Kaitlyn and Dan at Panera in Syracuse in February to discuss their wedding plans. I had technically met Kaitlyn a few times before because she was at my first wedding ever (!) and a bridesmaid in Malissa’s wedding. When I finally got to sit down with them and get to know them a little better, I instantly liked them. They have a special energy about them. You can hear it throughout the toasts given at their wedding – they both have a fun, child-like playful energy about them. They are constantly laughing together and being silly. There is something youthful about their love and also so grounded and real. You don’t see that very often and it’s so special to be around. THAT’S why I loved that vow so much. I LOVE that they are totally themselves with each other! Highland Forest Wedding Video

Mark helped me out with this wedding and we met up with the bride and groom in Cazenovia as they got ready at a Hampton Inn in town. Kaitlyn surprised Dan with a 5th photo album along with a letter she wrote to him for their 5 year anniversary (they got married on their 5 year dating anniversary!). It turns out Kaitlyn has been creating a photo album for each year they’ve been together so it was sweet to be able to see a 5th added to the collection. It was also during these letter readings that I found out that Dan has got a poet’s soul. He’s got a special way with words to describe his love for Kaitlyn.

After getting ready we headed to Highland Forest’s Skyline Lodge where the ceremony and reception would be. Again we were all dazzled by Dan’s poetic vows and touched by Kaitlyn’s sweet promises as well. We got to tromp around the forest for a little while after the ceremony to take some GORGEOUS photos and video. It was here when we got to see their constant laughter and playfulness together. They both made it so easy to capture some really amazing footage for their video. They are so natural together.

Continuing with how much I love this couple and how very “them” their wedding was – they kicked off their reception with a special dance off tacked onto their first dance with some of their favorite songs. Kaitlyn also had a coordinated dance with her dad and he gave the sweetest toast to them as well. I absolutely loved his first look with Kaitlyn back at the hotel and you could tell how reflective he was about their relationship that day.

3 MBY Couples at one wedding!

Oh and I can’t forget that Kaitlyn asked her grandmother to stand by her side as her matron of honor. That was a first in my wedding career and thought her grandmother’s toast was absolutely beautiful. It was so so sweet. The rest of the night was filled with dancing, cake, frolicking at golden hour, and a fun sparkler send off!

Thank you Kaitlyn and Dan for having me capture your wonderful wedding day. Your relationship is truly something special and I can’t wait to see where life takes you – as you dance, sing, and play throughout the rest of your life! ๐Ÿ™‚









Kaitlyn + Dan | Upstate NY Wedding Video at Highland Forest

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