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Jenna + Dan | Upstate NY Wedding Video, Wedding Barn at Lakota’s Farm

I travel all over upstate NY for weddings, but I only get to go to the Albany area about once a year. And this time I was so excited that it was for Jenna and Dan’s wedding at the Wedding Barn at Lakota’s Farm, a little north of Albany/Troy in Cambridge.

First of all Jenna and Dan started dating in middle school! Not only that but they actually met when they were six years old at a basketball camp in elementary school. So that right there automatically makes it one of my favorite stories as you know I love stories that start young.

Next, Jenna and Dan have to be one of the most laid-back couples I’ve ever worked with. They really did not want it to rain on their wedding day for all the obvious reasons. But it did end up starting to pour shortly before the ceremony and they had to move it to the side of a barn at Lakota’s. Thankfully the Wedding Barn at Lakota’s Farm is absolutely gorgeous and there are so many good locations indoors and out that you can use without sacrificing too much of the beauty. On top of the rain there was also a power outage due to a car accident that happened down the road and you have all of this on top of also planning a wedding during a pandemic. Well you think they would be pretty stressed but they were so laid-back and easy-going it was absolutely amazing! I learned how easy-going they were when a gem on Jenna‘s earring fell off and we glued it back together with some eyelash glue and it worked out and she was never even stressed about it.

I absolutely loved hearing all the stories about Jenna and Dan throughout the wedding day. Like Dan’s shaggy hair and Jenna‘s pink braces when she was 12 and how she made his “hotlist” and how they’ve kind of blended into each other’s families over the years.

Jenna and Dan decided to share their personal vows with each other through the cards that they wrote to each other. I think that worked really well for them. I loved hearing about how much they love their dog Riggins and how they’ve grown up together over the last 14 years.

The night ended with an epic party with the most wonderful, high-energy, awesome dancing that I am still smiling over and definitely energized me while I was editing.

Jenna and Dan thank you so much for letting me film your wedding day. it was absolutely amazing and you are definitely going to go down as one of my favorite couples ever!






Jenna + Dan | Upstate NY Wedding Video, Wedding Barn at Lakota’s Farm

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