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Mackenzie + Patrick | Ravenwood Golf Club Wedding Video

While I lived across the street from Ravenwood Golf Club all through junior high and and high school (and my parents still do!) I never actually went there until the day of Mackenzie and PJ’s wedding. I had seen pictures and videos of other people’s wedding at Ravenwood, but I myself never got to film there. I was very excited to be able to check out this venue and bonus, I stayed at my parent’s house that night!

Growing up across the street from their venue was only one of many connections that I had with this wedding. We’ll start with the obvious. The bride’s name!! She clearly has the best name in history in my book because my daughter is also named Mackenzie. Then I discovered that PJ and his groomsmen were getting ready at the Hilton Garden Inn in Pittsford, which was the same hotel that Mark and I got ready for our own wedding day. Back then it was called Brookwood Inn. Then during the wedding ceremony, PJ’s brother shared a reading that was also read at my own wedding! I love finding little connections like this and really enjoyed Mackenzie and PJ’s wedding day as a whole.

After Mackenzie got ready at Ravenwood and the guys arrived, they did a first look together. I really loved how PJ was saying that he’s not a very emotional person and didn’t expect that he’d cry but then he turned and saw Mackenzie and of course she was so beautiful even a tough guy like him couldn’t help but tear up. That was such a special moment, I knew I needed to include it at the beginning of their film.

Their whole wedding party was so fun! We got some good bridal party photos and video before starting their ceremony. PJ’s brother officiated the wedding and the bride and groom shared some great personal vows with each other. I really loved the set up at Ravenwood – the ceremony spot was really beautiful and I loved all the windows around the reception room. It was great for lighting inside and even though we had no rain that day, it made me think was a great spot it would be for any kind of weather.

As is the case for many wedding days, I loved the golden hour photo session that we did out in the middle of the golf course. The light was absolutely perfect and it was hitting the golf course just perfectly. That time is usually the most fun for me and always produce my favorite shots of the day. After that, Mackenzie and PJ partied it up with all their guests for the rest of the night. I loved all the dancing and had a lot of fun with that part of the video as well!

Mackenzie and PJ thank you so much for letting me be a part of your day! It was so fun and beautiful! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Mackenzie + Patrick | Ravenwood Golf Club Wedding Video

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