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Juliet + Zach | Binghamton, NY Wedding Video

Zules’ wedding day was so special in so many ways. First of all, I love their story. They started dating right at the end of high school. They ended up going to the same college together where they both grew independently as well as together. From the very beginning, everyone knew that they were perfect for each other. Jules and Zach really are so adorable together and you can tell that they have a special connection and their relationship is for real.

Secondly, I had the honor of filming two of Jules’s older sister’s weddings. I have loved every wedding that I’ve worked with them on and have enjoyed the relationship I’ve formed with the family over the years. They are such a fun-loving family and I feel so welcome and comfortable around them. I was definitely looking forward to this, the final King daughter wedding.

Another thing I loved is that Jules is a big Taylor Swift fan. As I am a big Switie myself, I was happy we could connect on that and I was overjoyed to hear so much TSwift music playing throughout their day! At introductions, during dinner, and some dancing, I enjoyed the music all night long! The entire day was a blast, no surprise. Zach and Jules shared private vows together before their ceremony and held a beautiful wedding at The Venue at Beagell Farms. This was my first time at this venue and hope to come back for more Binghamton area weddings!

Zules put together a great party – between having drinks available right when guests walked up to the ceremony, charcuterie cups at cocktail hour, and the beautiful decorations, I loved everything! And of course, the great dance party to finish the night off. So much fun, I didn’t even want to leave. Enjoy their sweet, fun, beautiful wedding film now.





Juliet + Zach | Binghamton, NY Wedding Video

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