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Kristina + Dan | Emerson Park Pavilion Wedding

Kristina (also known as ‘Roach’ in this video!) and Dan had a gorgeous wedding at Emerson Park Pavilion in Auburn, NY. These two are hilarious individuals that keep things light, fun, and everyone laughing. For their letters that they wrote to each other that day, they had mad-lib style letters where they got to fill in the blanks. Both of them mentioned something about hoping and praying that it would NOT rain on their wedding day. Well, luckily, in Kristina’s letter to Dan, she wrote, “but if it does, we’ll laugh about it later.”

While we were taking photos and video of the bride and groom before their ceremony and after their first look, we could see the dark clouds slowly starting to roll in. We were thankful that we got all the photos and video shots in that we wanted before the ceremony started. But as the ceremony began and the bridesmaids were walking down the aisle, you could tell it was just getting darker and darker.

As the ceremony was wrapping up, more and more raindrops started falling and you could sense the panic starting to set in. Everyone yelled out “AMEN!” after the final prayers and Kristina and Dan sprinted back up the aisle together as the down pour was beginning and guests started running to get cover.

The musician, DJ, photographers, and myself were all gathering our equipment as quickly as possible to get to a dry place. My second shooter and I were just laughing hysterically at the end because it was just too funny. I think the groom’s father said it best during this speech later at the reception, “I think it added a little bit of character.” I agree! Even though no one really wants it to rain on their wedding day, I think it was such a fun and definitely memorable way to end a wedding ceremony!

After it rained for a while, the skies cleared and we even got to go outside for golden hour shots! The light was beautiful along the water and the reception was a blast as they had DJ Washburn providing the music for the night. Thankfully everyone dried off and had a blast dancing the night away at one amazing wedding!





Kristina + Dan | Emerson Park Pavilion Wedding

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