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Katelyn + Robby | Binghamton, NY Wedding Video

Katelyn is from Upstate NY. Robby is from New England. She’s a Yankees fan and he’s a Red Sox fan. Despite their deep team rivalry, they found a grand slam in love. These two are the most laid-back, easy-going couple. They have such an ease with each other than you can already tell that a deep love runs between them. Their wedding day felt easy, go-with-the-flow, and fun, which pretty much describes Kate and Robby to a T.

It just so happens that Robby and I ran similar circles to each other for years but never actually met. He became a Residence Hall Director at SUNY Cortland just a couple years after I left that job and even lived in the same building (and apartment!) that I once did. He became friends with some of my friends so we had heard about each other for many years but didn’t actually get to meet until his wedding day. As for Katelyn, I chatted with her on the phone in the early planning stages and instantly felt connected with her. I’ve been excited about this wedding for a while now.

I love how Kate’s sister’s speech set the tone for the video. I love the sentiment that no matter what, regardless of a pandemic and constantly changing regulations, Katelyn and Robby were still going to get married. Nothing was going to stop them. And I love that. May 29, 2021 was always going to be the day for Katelyn and Robby.

The day started off at the salon with Kate and her sisters. I started there with the photographer, Gabriela Bucero, who I actually am working with a lot lately! It’s always a good time working with Gabriela. After some hair and makeup, we headed back to Katelyn’s parents house where she got dressed, did a first look with both her dad and her bridesmaids (10!! I think it was 10! I just know that this must have been the biggest wedding party I’ve ever had!). My husband Mark assisted me for the day and he headed to the DoubleTree Inn to be with Robby while he got ready and enjoyed some doughnuts!

After the ceremony at St. Ambrose, where Katelyn was baptized and played the part of an angel in the annual Christmas play, we did some group photos and videos at the Endicott Visitor Center before heading to the reception at Atrio. I LOVED the speeches that everyone gave at the reception. It doesn’t surprise me; Kate and Robby are such good people, of course they have some awesome, loving people surrounding them. They even got to have some impromptu dancing at their reception too, which I’m sure everyone was happy about!

And just a little different from a typical wedding day schedule, we ended out day with bride and groom photos/video at Cutler Gardens. I love that Katelyn and Robby were down to do anything! I laughed that Gabriela and I kept coming up with more and more ideas and these guys were just so laid back and willing to do as many photos and videos as we wanted.

And I love how everything turned out! Finally, I can’t fail to mention that this was my 100th WEDDING!!! So happy that it was with you guys! So excited to keep up with your travels and your team rival nights!





Katelyn + Robby | Binghamton, NY Wedding Video

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