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Cassie + Ben | Upstate NY Wedding Video

Here is the thought that came to my mind over and over agian while editing Cassie and Ben’s wedding video: “If everyone loved like these two, this world would be a much different place.” And they strive to love like Jesus, so of course it would be a totally different place!

I am absolutely, completely in love with this wedding video. The love that Cassie and Ben have for each other and for God is powerful. They are so kind and tender with each other. They are EXCITED to be married. Their vows were carefully thought out and very intentional. This is everything I love to see in a wedding.

Cassie is from Pulaski and she met Ben four years ago at a summer camp. They instantly became friends and Ben instantly fell for her. While chatting with Ben before the wedding ceremony, he told me that he distinctly remembers sitting in his sister’s car and looking at Cassie and thinking how beautiful she was and how he wanted her to be his. Well, fast forward 4 years later and now these two love birds have gotten married with the most beautiful wedding ceremony.

Selfie with the newlyweds!

Speaking of love birds…I couldn’t help but notice the theme of birds throughout their day. Ben used a quote from Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom, which references birds, as he started his vows. While I didn’t catch any for the video, there were SO many birds at Cassie’s grandparent’s house and farm where she was getting ready. And there were birds on the dock where we took pictures and video.

I love how they incorporated prayer throughout their day. Each of them took time to pray with their parents before the ceremony and pray together and with their parents during the ceremony. I love the excitement you can see on their faces as they share their first kiss and walk back up the aisle. The rest of the evening was filled with sweet, funny, tear-jerking toasts and some fun dancing. They had a lavender petal sendoff and it really was the perfect end to a perfect day.





Cassie + Ben | Upstate NY Wedding Video

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