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Lexie + Alex | Syracuse, NY Wedding Video

As a daughter of parents who are named Don and Donna, I have a special appreciation for this couple whose names are Alexis and Alex. They are also high school sweethearts, and as a third generation high school sweetheart, I’m all here for it. I absolutely love a love story that starts young and lasts for a lifetime. And that’s exactly the story for Lexie and Alex.

Along with many other couples, Lexie and Alex experienced the unknown and constant changes that the coronavirus brought to their wedding plans. A few months ago, with things still up in the air, they made the difficult decision to have both their ceremony and reception in the front yard of Alex’s parents house. While hosting a wedding at your house can be hard and stressful and tons of work, this couple and their parents pulled it off flawlessly. I would repeat this day over and over again if I could because I absolutely love how their wedding turned out and really enjoyed working with Lexie and Alex. In all honesty, I was just praying about the day on my drive up to them…just praying that the day would go well and God would be walking with me…and man, He totally answered my prayers!

The day started at Lexie and Alex’s house in East Syracuse. I was shocked to find that LEXIE herself was serving as the hairdresser for EVERYONE that day! She did her mother’s, the flower girl’s, and EIGHT bridesmaid’s hair that day! Meanwhile, her sister and maid of honor did everyone’s makeup. They both did an AMAZING job! I could not believe they did such a great job sticking to their schedule and getting ready on time.

I genuinely had a fun time while the girls were getting ready. We got to talk about how her and Alex first met, how he proposed, and what makes their relationship so good. And they did a TikTok – the “bippity boppity boo” one where they go from being in their getting ready robes to their dresses. I need to find that to see how it turned out…but I’m old and not on TikTok.

Then I went over to Alex’s parent’s house where he was getting ready with his groomsmen. It was when I got there that I fully appreciated the undertaking of hosting a wedding at your house. They had an entire room full of water bottles and a variety of other drinks and coolers! The kitchen was filled with cookies, the cake, bouquets, and stocked for appetizers that would be coming out to their front yard later in the day. What an amazing, amazing family team they had to pull this off!

Shortly after Alex was ready, the ceremony started. It was a beautiful spot and I don’t think you’d ever really know it was in someone’s front yard! I loved how spacious it was and all guests respected the “unplugged ceremony” request, so that made filming a lot easier!

After some family photos, the entire bridal party and the amazing photographer, Jill Studio and I, got on the bus and headed to Upper Onondaga Lake Park for photos and video. It was hot but the entire group was fun and Lexie and Alex were SO CUTE it was so easy to get beautiful shots of them!

Selfie with Bride and Photographer, Jill Studio!

Back to the house for the cocktail hour and reception! The family made DELICIOUS appetizers and they had a wood-fired pizza truck (Via Napoli Express) come in for their dinner! YUM!! The night was topped off with great toasts given by the maid of honor and best man and we got some amazing golden hours shots too. THEN: DANCING!! What a GREAT dance party! I loved, loved, loved the energy by the whole group on the dance floor. It felt almost like a healing experience – after living in a COVID life for so long, everyone was so happy to be out there dancing and having fun. It felt freeing. And Lexie’s brother even did a back flip?! SO FUN!

Thanks for having me Lexie and Alex. Your day turned out absolutely perfect and I really did have a lot of fun! You two are the sweetest and I’m so blessed I got to work with you!






Lexie + Alex | Syracuse, NY Wedding Video

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