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Loryn + Jared | Binghamton, NY Wedding Video

I distinctly remember thinking one major thing as the hours were winding down on Loryn and Jared’s wedding night: I would totally be friends with these people! I enjoyed my time with them throughout the entire day I honestly didn’t feel like leaving. I could just keep hanging out with them!

Selfie with the Bride

Let me back up a little bit though. I met Loryn in the summer of 2018 at the Dunkin Donuts in Whitney Point. She was a bridesmaid of one my other bride’s from 2018, Kalli. So I got to know Loryn a little bit more at Kalli’s October wedding and had the opportunity to meet Jared there. My first reaction to Jared? Wow, he’s really shy and quiet. *shrug*

Fast forward to August 17, 2019 and I got to meet a whole other side of Jared and instantly wanted to be friends. Turns out Jared and I have that in common – when we’re not in our own familiar territory with the people we know the best, we can tend to be really quiet. But put us with our favorite people and then we can be in our element and have tons of fun!

Mark helped me filmed this wedding and he was happy to hang out with Jared and his guys throughout the day. I was pumped to hang with Loryn and Kalli again that day along side Jen Pecka of Jen Pecka

With the Hintzens and Bigarts!

Photography! Loryn got ready at this really cute airbnb in the Binghamton, NY area. (Not being from Binghamton, anything in the general area I consider “Binghamton.”) Both Jared and Loryn wrote these super sweet, emotional letters to each other to read before the ceremony. Both teared up reading these letters and just about made my heart soar!

They got married at Our Lady of Sorrows in Vestal, NY. Jared’s teary reaction to Loryn walking down the aisle was so sweet. You can really tell how much he loves her! After the ceremony, we headed to Tioga Gardens for photos and video with their wedding party. I love this little spot for video (same

Dancing with Mark at the reception! Photo courtesy of Jen Pecka Photography

spot we used for Kalli and Collin’s wedding!) as it offers a great variety of different backdrops. Their entire wedding party was so fun and Loryn and Jared were just so naturally romantic and sweet with each other, their footage turned out to be some of my favorite from the entire year.

Then we headed to Owego Treadway for their wedding reception. They were both the life of the party and tore up the dance floor so well. I seriously had so much fun and even got out on the dance floor with Mark for a song or two as well! Loryn and Jared, thanks for being awesome human beings, I really loved your wedding and look forward to following your journey for a lifetime!










Loryn + Jared | Binghamton, NY Wedding Video

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