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Marissa + Derek | Rochester, NY Wedding Video

When I first spoke to Marissa about her wedding day, she told me about these letters that she would write Derek. One year for Valentine’s Day, she wrote him a letter for each day of the week and one of them said “open on our wedding day.” They weren’t even engaged yet! But she KNEW! She knew that one day they would finally get to their wedding day and her boyfriend, Derek would open that letter. Well that day ended up being July 9, 2022.

What I love about these two and that they are so focused on what comes AFTER their wedding day. They were excited for their wedding, of course, but in so many things that I read on social media leading up to their wedding day and even in their letters and vows to each other, they were really excited about starting a MARRIAGE together. They were excited about the life highs to experience together but also the mundane, small moments that most people don’t notice. They are excited about being able to share a life with someone and do Sunday chores with, grocery shopping, and taking their dog for a talk. I love how Derek said they’re going to turn all their “have to’s into get to’s.” They are both excited that they GET to spend their lives together. And it’s so obvious. They are so comfortable with each other and so well matched. It also doesn’t hurt that they share a passion for CrossFit and working out.

I absolutely loved filming this wedding and putting together this film. The entire wedding party was super fun and energetic and YOU KNOW I love a good love letter. There was so much good story to pack into this film. They share a kind of love that makes you want to go home and love your own spouse even better. And that’s a good love to have.





Marissa + Derek | Rochester, NY Wedding Video

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