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Alexandra + Chris | Upstate NY Wedding Video

I’ve been saying for a while now that my favorite part about creating wedding videos is to be able to tell the stories. And if you’re looking for a story, there are plenty here!

Alex and Chris had a lot of obstacles to encounter in order to get to their wedding day. They originally had their wedding day planned for May 9, 2020 in Upstate NY. Due to COVID restrictions, they decided to push their wedding back to August. Well, as we all know how COVID has gone, that still brought a set of challenges. Alex and Chris decided that they didn’t want to push the wedding back any further and just wanted to be married. So we marched onward! Between limited guest numbers, required face masks, crazy tornado like weather the night before the wedding, and Alex and Chris losing power at their house the morning of their wedding, they sure had their fair share of challenges! But none of those are the amazing stories we get to hear in this wedding video!

The girls got ready at Traditions at the Glen and as we were there, the stories kept unfolding. First I found out that there is a significance to the butterflies that we saw sprinkled through the details of the wedding day. The bride’s grandmother always really liked butterflies and before she passed away she told Alex that she would always be with her and that she would come back as a monarch butterfly. So the butterfly showed up in many places: her bouquet, her tiara, and even painted on her toes.

Next, I learned that the pearl necklace Alex decided to wear was given to Alex’s mother by her father on their wedding day. We get to hear the mother of the bride explain the special significance as she helps her daughter put them on.

Other highlights from the day include the first look between the bride and her father. The deep breath that he takes as he knows his daughter is approaching behind him holds so much meaning. You can really tell how much he loves her and how anticipated this moment is for him. And then of course, the groom’s reaction to his bride walking down the aisle. That, paired with the letter that he wrote to his bride, it’s everything. Grab your tissues and enjoy!!






Alexandra + Chris | Upstate NY Wedding Video

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