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Summer + Dana | Alexandria Bay Elopement/Wedding Video

All Summer had to say to me was, “We’re eloping in Alexandria Bay at a castle.” OKAY! I’m there!

Summer and Dana spend a lot of their time in Alexandria Bay. The place has been a staple in their relationship for a while. Dana’s dad has a house there and Summer and Dana like to rent a place to stay there many weekends out of the summer. So when the idea of eloping there came to them, they ran with it. I love it when people get married in a spot that is very special to them – and it’ll be a great way to go back and celebrate their anniversary every year too!

These two are originally from the same town and met one summer evening at a graduation party. Summer was about to leave for college shortly after that party but Dana never forgot about meeting her there. When Summer came back a couple of years later, they started talking again and Dana arranged to have a bouquet of flowers sent to Summer at work asking her on their first date. Now the really cool part is that Summer saved that note in the flower bouquet along with many other momentos from their time together. She put all of those items together and presented them to Dana the morning of their wedding. Dana had no idea that she had saved all those things and it brought him back down memory lane a bit!

They met each other in front of Boldt Castle on Heart Island in Alexandria Bay to say their vows and commit their lives to each other. It was an absolutely beautiful day and amazing location. After their intimate ceremony, Jess of Burhans Photography and I got to wander around the castle with Summer and Dana taking the most gorgeous photos and videos of them. I could have stayed there all day because every single spot you went held new gems to look at and enjoy. Talk about the videographer dream!

After a boat ride back to Alexandria Bay, Summer and Dana had their first dance, meal and cake cutting at the Riveredge Resort with their closest friends and family. Then it was off to enjoy the night in Alex Bay! Enjoy this video of their elopement/intimate wedding in one of the most beautiful places you’ve ever seen!











Summer + Dana | Alexandria Bay Elopement/Wedding Video

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